The Healthy Side of Hiking


Outdoor hiking has many untold benefits for both the body and for the mind. Even better, hiking is low-cost and easy to start, so you can participate no matter your current fitness level. A lot of people live within driving distance of great hiking spots and discovering these places is a good way of familiarising yourself with an area. Let’s take a look at a few benefits of hiking:


Outdoor Hiking Stimulates Mental Health

Hiking is surprisingly much more diverse exercise than several other types of exercise, particularly those done in a gym. Your workout can not only vary each time, depending on the trail you choose, but the landscape itself will also change, if only from the seasons. Outdoor hiking can assist you in maintaining your motivation to exercise by creating dynamic interest. Hiking can also be made to be as social as you like. Some often feel a certain level of embarrassment about exercising on suburban streets or in crowded gyms when you’re still in the early days, and hiking on a secluded trail will reduce the chances of feeling judged by people (though you should always notify someone where you are going for the sake of safety). Otherwise, hiking with a small group or a friend might feel more like entertainment than an exercise activity, and campsites are generally very social places where you can meet new people.

Exercise is an excellent way to relieve stress, including hiking, and can also lessen sleeplessness (insomnia), leading to improved mental health. Outdoor hiking will bring you feel closer to nature and its natural elements, which can increase your happiness and help you feel more tranquil. A more challenging hike, for example, a mountain trail, can give you the feeling of accomplishing something more real than completing a fitness routine at the gym.


Outdoor Hiking Promotes Physical Health

Hiking is a good exercise because it is stress-free adjusting to a particular fitness level. Outdoor hiking can be on an even, well-maintained path, or a pathless mountain. This is excellent for people who are looking to improve their fitness, as they can merely take more and more challenging hikes. Another benefit of hiking is losing weight. This is particularly true of uphill hiking, as this can burn as many calories as you can jogging. Exercise helps reduce insulin resistance in both the short and long-term.

As hiking places pressure on your bones, it boosts bone health and reduces the chances of osteoporosis. Exposure to the sunshine will also raise your vitamin D levels. Hiking is a cardiovascular exercise, dependent on how hard you drive yourself during a hike and thus has benefits for your cardiovascular system, such as reducing the chances of heart disease, and improving your overall fitness. Hiking is ideal for muscle tone, especially cross country hiking, as your body and legs compensate for the irregular terrain by working harder.

Outdoor hiking is a great activity that is easy to start and maintain, due to its varied and customisable nature. Outdoor hiking can help you to lose weight, clear and ease your mind, as well as build a healthier body. La Dolce Vita Guest House offers the Kosmos Nature Trail for people enjoy hiking in a peaceful and natural environment. The Kosmos Nature trail at the Hartebeesport Dam is a trail that La Dolce Vita Guest House offers, however, there are other hiking trails in the area that will be a benefit to your physical and mental health.

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